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Let's get it started.

Happy Friday y’all,
Get your weekend started knowing you’re helping goMarket (and our 20 vendors) stay open! We’ve got lots of good greens, pumpkins, meats, cheeses. New this week: sweet potatoes (and two sizes of baking pumpkin). Many quantities are limited, especially from our new vendor, Dog & Cart Farm and Cultured Cow creamery. Last I checked, a couple heritage turkeys were still available from Chickcharney farm so be sure to make your reservation ASAP! (If Dr. Julie has already run out, we can easily delete these from your order since we don’t charge accounts until Tuesday.)

Here’s the link to market:

All Things Open

Over the past couple days I went to my first tech conference in quite a while: All Things Open. I met open source gurus from all across the country including folks from Google, IBM and of course Red Hat. I got some feedback on our plans to develop a new website by collaborating with the Open Food Foundation, which is developing an open source platform for food entrepeneurs to connect with eaters (and in some cases to help blur the line between the two). If I get around to writing the blog post about the weekend I’ll be sure to post it on the goMarket facebook page (as well as the open food net facebook page here)

Have a great weekend folks! Enjoy costume parties if you’re attending any!

With locally grown love,