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Tis the season (for an awesome local Thanksgiving)

goMarketNC — Bringing you Durham’s best urban farms, homesteads and artisan food start-ups.


German Rouladen Recipe
This is not the exact recipe my Omi makes because my Omi always guessed everything involved in the recipe. It’s an art form really. It’s a real treat and I’m excited to try making it with meat from our local farmers.

1/4 cup Dijon mustard
2 lbs round steaks, sliced into 1/4 inch thick slices (Bull City Farm)
salt and pepper
8 slices bacon (Yellow Wolf Farm and Breezy Oaks Farm both offer some tasty bacon)
1 large onion, cut into thin wedges
8 dill pickles, thinly sliced (optional)
3 tablespoons cooking oil
3 cups beef broth
1/3 cup flour
1/2 cup water
chopped fresh parsley
toothpicks for keeping beef rolled around bacon, pickles and mustard


1 Spread mustard on one side of each slice of meat. Hammer until thin.
2 Sprinkle with salt and pepper.
3 Place one strip of bacon, dill pickle slice (if using), and a few onion wedges on each slice of meat; roll up and secure with wooden toothpicks.
4 Put oil in dutch oven or other large pan and brown meat; drain.
5 Add broth and bring to a boil.
6 Reduce heat and cover and simmer for 1-1/2 hours or until meat is tender.
7 Remove meat and keep warm.
8 Combine flour and water until smooth and slowly stir into broth.
9 Bring to a boil, stirring constantly until thickened.
10 Remove wooden pics from meat and return to gravy; heat through.
11 Sprinkle with parsley if desired.

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Market News

Plan your Thanksgiving with us!

Plan ahead and cut down on your Turkey Day stress level. We’ve got a good variety of winter squash and root vegetables. I know I myself am excited to roast some turnips with bacon on top. To skip straight to the market page click here.

And for those of you that like to decorate for Thanksgiving, check out Lee Attracting Birds & Bees under the ‘flowers’ heading. Solely operated by local artist, Lee Moore Crawford, these local arrangements help support wild and hobbyist bee populations. Her Thanksgiving arrangement is made from dried flowers and herbs that she grew in her own wildlife habitat certified garden. She makes some really beautiful arrangements that can be seen regularly at Cocoa Cinammon (the coffeshop on Geer st) and she played a big role in the “Paradise Gardens” exhibit this Fall at the Carrack.

Other News

It’s been a busy month where I was able to meet farmers and gardeners from all over the state. The Carolina Farm Stewardship Association puts on great conferences, in addition to the great farm tours they organize throughout the year. I think we can look forward to at least a few new vendors when we start back up in the Spring. We may even be able to offer pasteurized milk (for humans) and raw milk (for the lucky pets out there).

I had a great meeting this week with Dave at Durham Crossfit. He thinks a lot of crossfit athletes will like ordering local meats, veggies and other products and gave us a plug on their Facebook (yay!). Here’s a link to their website:

I look forward to seeing y’all one last time (for 2013 markets at least) on Tuesday!
With locally grown love,
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To Contact Us

Eric Bowen
919.695.EAT5 (3285)
M.Sc. Ecology, Colorado State University, 2013
B.S. Natural Resources, NC State University, 2007

We thank you for your interest and support of our efforts to bring you the healthiest, the freshest and the most delicious locally-produced foods possible!

Is it the last week?

Hey folks,
I hope y’all had an awesome Halloween.

Hopefully I don’t sound like a broken record yet… but we are again thinking about closing up depending on how sales are this week. So if you’ve been thinking about it, give our farmers a shot! Even a couple new supporters would allow us to keep going a little longer into the fall. And if you like us, be sure to review us on Yelp!

Reserve your order here:

In other (BIG) news, we’ve got Bull City Farm this week!
Check them out under meats, where they’ve got a half dozen cuts of grassfed beef from their happy, friendly Jersey cattle.

The final bit of news is that if you can’t make it to the bar… durham by 7pm on Tuesday, we can have the bartender hold onto your order for pickup by midnight! Of course it means not seeing my goofy grin, but I’m sure you night owls will manage…

With locally grown love,

Let's get it started.

Happy Friday y’all,
Get your weekend started knowing you’re helping goMarket (and our 20 vendors) stay open! We’ve got lots of good greens, pumpkins, meats, cheeses. New this week: sweet potatoes (and two sizes of baking pumpkin). Many quantities are limited, especially from our new vendor, Dog & Cart Farm and Cultured Cow creamery. Last I checked, a couple heritage turkeys were still available from Chickcharney farm so be sure to make your reservation ASAP! (If Dr. Julie has already run out, we can easily delete these from your order since we don’t charge accounts until Tuesday.)

Here’s the link to market:

All Things Open

Over the past couple days I went to my first tech conference in quite a while: All Things Open. I met open source gurus from all across the country including folks from Google, IBM and of course Red Hat. I got some feedback on our plans to develop a new website by collaborating with the Open Food Foundation, which is developing an open source platform for food entrepeneurs to connect with eaters (and in some cases to help blur the line between the two). If I get around to writing the blog post about the weekend I’ll be sure to post it on the goMarket facebook page (as well as the open food net facebook page here)

Have a great weekend folks! Enjoy costume parties if you’re attending any!

With locally grown love,

Monday morning cheer.

G’morning folks,
The brisk weather this morning means fall is deepening and also means many veggies are sweetening.

Reserve local goods until Noon!

If you’re still thinking about reserving some awesome local products this week, you’ve got until noon. So check out the growing diversity our awesome vendors have available here:

As I mentioned in the previous mailing, my vendors and I have been talking about closing market unless we had some new customers and I’m thrilled to report that we had some people answer that call! Thanks new folks!

Record sales!

Three vendors have presold at least $50 of delicious locally grown product, which is great! We actually beat our June record $300 of sales in a week, which means y’all are collectively planting a lot of good in our local community.

Boost a vendor

A couple vendors need a little extra oomph at market this week, including SPREAD (nut-based cheeze), Yellow Wolf Farm (pork and rabbit!), Homegrown City Farms (delicious veggies) and Soyful Flames (soaps and candles). I also have a full box of delicious Cultured Cow cheese that I’m constantly in danger of eating… So please, take an extra look at those products if you’re reserving an order this morning.


I’d like to mention again that we’re on Yelp now! If you think about it, please consider reviewing us or posting a photo of something tasty from one of our foodpreneurs.

That seems like plenty for this morning! Love y’all. Thanks for supporting an awesome, vibrant and growing local food culture.

With locally-grown love,

Market open; Now with Dog & Cart farm!

This post first appeared earlier today on Facebook, so please skip it if you’ve already read it. (Though I’d like to remind everyone to reserve a heritage turkey if you want one from Dr. Julie! They will run out!!)

Happy Friday folks!
Let’s extend a big warm welcome to Dog & Cart Farm (like their page!), which JUST opened for their first CSA this fall! Their crops are going like gangbusters and we are thrilled to have them selling extras here at goMarket!

They’ve got collards, daikon radishes, turnips & carrots. All are available to pre-order now until Monday at noon!

In other news, the growers and I have been talking about wrapping up market for fall THIS WEEK (aside from a Thanksgiving market for heritage TURKEYS!), but even one big order from a new customer could make us change our minds. If you’ve thought about trying us out, do it this week!

With locally grown love,

Market open; Now featuring Yellow Wolf Farm!

Happy Friday y’all!
Stacy runs Yellow Wolf Farm just past Greensboro. She raises a wide variety of heritage breed hogs, cattle, goat, donkeys, rabbits and other livestock. Check her out! She has many many cuts of pork this week.

Her farm is also on Facebook and Twitter:

After the bad weather we’re hoping to try again on Tuesday with Chew Monster tabling out front of The Bar Durham.

We’re also on Yelp now! Please consider giving goMarket a review or post a photo of something tasty from one of our foodpreneurs. I think it might help first timers be a little less hesitant.

Have a great weekend all! I’m celebrating my 10 year anniversary graduating as an NCSSM Unicorn. If anything, it promises to be weird. :-)

With local farm love,

Freshly ground flour, cheesy mega-pack (order by noon, pickup tomorrow!)

Hey y’all,
Market is open until noon! This week we’ve got the grain mill going if you want fresh ground flour (including gluten free oat flour). Also buy all three current Cultured Cow cheeses for $20 (saves 20%).

Chew Monster plans to table tomorrow so definitely bring your dog if it’s not raining! (Dogs are welcome inside the Bar Durham too!)


This weekend I gave a talk at a libertarian conference in Liberty (Liberty Liberty Fest aka L2) about goMarket and how the peer-to-peer economy is empowering people all around the world. Through goMarket y’all are among the first in the world to bring peer production to the food world. It sounded like we may have some new food entrepreneurs joining us in the Spring! It was a good time with folks that are very passionate that we free our food supply and support small farmers. It’s great finding allies in places you might not have expected them.

With veggie love,

Segway Jesus at Pride (and Tuesday happy hour at the Bar Durham)

Hey y’all,
Happy Monday after a fun-filled weekend! It was great hanging out with friends celebrating NC Pride. Pride has been my favorite event in Durham since I was a high school student at NCSSM. Durham is such a great to live and I’m so glad I found a place where it’s expected that we just be ourselves. My top sights probably included Jesus on a Segway and a student from UNC’s LGBTQ center who had a sign that said “My Feminism will be Intersectional or it will be Bullshit.”

If you’d like to keep the Pride party going, come join homesteader Dr. Julie Gauthier (of Chickcharney farm) and I at The Bar Durham 5-7 (or so?) on Tuesday. Known as the triangle’s only lesbian bar, The Bar is actually a family friendly Tiki Bar with a clientele as diverse as Durham itself. Porchetta food truck will be there out front starting around 6pm.

The Bar was a big sponsor of NC Pride and hosted a lot of really fun events. It’s great that they’re also a supporter of local farms and start-up food businesses, so place an order by noon today and come hang out with us tomorrow!

Shop the Market

With soil organic matter and clay under my fingernails,

Awesome links from the past week

In case you don’t follow us on Facebook, there were a lot of cool articles and videos that filtered through social media this week. Check ’em out:

• More women finding passion as farmers, USA Today – link

CFSA Farm Tour video, featuring Sweet Beet City Farm, Homegrown City Farm and upcoming vendor, Bull City Farm! – link

• Durham’s DIY district turns another corner, News & Observer, on Fullsteam and Rigsbee Avenue – link

• The Paradise Garden Project – link
I joined a great roundtable on sustainable gardening Saturday. A podcast from the event will be forthcoming. Be sure to check out the exhibit! It’s got work by vendors, Lee Attracting Birds and Bees as well as Maryah Smith-Overman of Homegrown City farm.

• The “Garden of Earthly Delights” closing reception at the Carrack will be a tasty event with lots of local food bloggers preparing some decadent delights. Saturday October 5th, 7pm at 111 W. Parrish St.

Peep this. $3 pints, Quali(wo)man!, membership discounts and more!

Hey y’all,
For the impatient local foodie, here’s a link direct to the market, which is now open for orders:

We’ve got a new vendor!

Robyn of Soyful Flames makes all natural soaps and wax candles and each one has a cool story behind it.


Back in the food realm (vegans beware), we’ve got quail and Delaware heritage chickens. They seemed like very happy birds when I met them. Indeed, veterinarian Dr. Julie Gauthier who raises them, actually wrote a book for “Dummies” if you want to know how to keep chickens happy and healthy. (Check it out!)
Check out veggies, meats, cheeses, grains, soap, candles flowers and more at the market.

Join as a member!

As we’ve just moved and many of you try goMarket for the first time, I’m offering a sale on membership through the end of the season for $5 off, plus a $10 credit to your account as a bonus for being awesome. If you became a member a while ago, check your account to see if you’ve got an “early adopter” store credit. Membership fees are essential to grow the market, and help pay for advertising, a necessary evil. I have a new $100 ad campaign with the Indy weekly online edition, so look out for that members! Your influence on the local food system is growing. :-) Also, if you want a goMarket sticker, please ask for one next time you’re at market! They’re free to customers.

$3 Pints

I was happily surprised to learn that local pints from Big Boss and Triangle Brewing are $3 at our new pickup location. Yep. There are definitely advantages to moving the market over to The Bar Durham (711 Rigsbee). (Now 4:30-7pm on Tuesday). There’s also a few great food trucks on the block that night including Porchetta, KoKyu, and American meltdown.

In compost we trust,

PS. Check out a number of our vendors (notably, Sweet Beet & Homegrown City Farms) on the Triangle Farm Tour.
Here’s a link to the pdf of the schedule:

Did you know that goMarket is a food hub?

Food hubs are a place to help aggregate, temporarily store and redistribute locally grown and prepared food. Food hubs help scale up the impact of local farms in the food system. Some folks call them the “missing link” of local agriculture.

Unlike other food hubs, goMarket focuses almost entirely on connecting producers to consumers (at least for now!). Accordingly, you can still call us an online farmers’ market or a la carte collaborative CSA if that’s what you prefer.

By the way, we’re still open for orders this week at our new pop-up location at the bar… durham. (link: And even if you don’t place an order, I’m always happy for company to discuss local food over local beers.
See y’all at happy hour tomorrow,

Read more at Farm Aid: What’s a food hub?

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