Yellow Wolf Farm


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Our farm is about raising livestock on pasture, protecting our land and water and providing our customers with healthy, clean meat from humanely raised animals. We are an Animal Welfare Approved certified farm and members of the Livestock Conservancy. Our sheep, goats and cattle are completely grass raised and finished. Our poultry and hogs are fed ORGANIC, NO SOY, NO GMO feeds in addition to pasture.
What we do:
We raise registered Texas Longhorns, several breeds of rare pigs, Tunis Sheep, hair sheep, several breeds of meat and dairy goats, American Chinchilla, Silver Fox and NZ rabbits, heritage laying hens and meat chickens and rare breeds of laying and meat ducks. We work with the Livestock Conservancy to save rare breeds of livestock. We hold classes and farm tours to teach people both where their food comes from and how to raise their own food. We protect the wildlife around us by using non-lethal predator control in the form of guard donkeys and llamas. We rotate our animals on pasture to keep our land healthy and our water clean. We use a draft horse to do as much farm work as possible to lesson soil compaction and to keep from using fossil fuels.

What We Don’t Do:
We do not use herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilizers on our farm. We do not feed antibiotics, other medications/chemicals or use hormones. We treat our animals as holistically as we possibly can and are always searching for more and better ways to manage our livestock holistically and organically. We do not shoot and kill predators.

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