Chew Monster


We are an environmentally sustainable dog treat company based in Raleigh, NC (soon to be operating in Durham). Using spent grains from beer brewed at Triangle Brewing Company in Durham, NC and all-NC ingredients, we focus on making healthy and eco-friendly dog biscuits. Flavors include “Peanut butter & honey,” “Sweet ’tater & spent grain,” and “Sweet ’tater & Rye, Wheat-free.”
Sustainability is at the forefront of our operation, which was started to decrease the waste from our own recreational homebrewing. From composting all byproducts of production to the final packaging (which is as green as it gets!) we work to create a wholesome and delicious dog treat that was made without harm to the environment. From Mocksville to Severn, we love our farmers, and only use ingredients produced in our state.

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