Wild Dog Farm


Wild Dog Farm is a small farm in the Cane Creek mountains of southern Alamance county. We are in Snow Camp, North Carolina (20 miles west of Carrboro) and the farm is named after the wild coyotes that share the farm and our own dogs, who aren’t entirely civilized either. We are committed to sustainable, organic, earth and bee friendly farming and we do not use any synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides or chemicals. Our ducks and chickens are fed a locally milled organic feed from Reedy Fork Farm and spend their days on pasture enthusiastically chasing bugs. We use our duck and chicken manure to sustain the soil; our goal is to create a self-sustaining ecosystem that will nourish and sustain the earth, the animals, native and honey bees, and our local community. We do not treat our bee hives with antibiotics or anything else and we are actively working to create an ecology that will nourish native bees as well. We believe that genetic diversity is critical and thus raise rare and heritage breeds of ducks and chickens: Blue Swedish, Cayuga, Ancona and Welsh Harlequin ducks, and Welsummer, Americauna, Araucana, Dominick, Black Copper Maran, Dark Rhode Island Red, Black Australorp, Manx Rumpies, and Buckeye chickens. We grow an assortment of fruits and vegetables including blueberries, blackberries, garlic, potatoes, sweet potatoes, greens, tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, melons, pumpkins, beans, peas, turnips, radishes, zucchinis, herbs, mushrooms, and black walnuts.

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