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New farms, new food and a NEW pickup location!

Hey y’all,
I had an amazing dinner last night with some jalapeno cheddar turkey burgers smothered in Sweet Beet City Farm’s newly available spicy micro-greens and cheese from the Cultured Cow (who has a new smoked cheese available link ).

I mentioned last week that we have some new farms that joined up including Chickcharney Farm! They have whole chickens to complement what’s already available through Breezy Oaks Farm.

And the exciting new news is that we have a new temporary pickup location available for those that can’t make it to Locopops on Thursday evenings. Starting this week, if you can’t pick up your order by 6:30 at Locopops, you can pick up your order 7pm-8:30pm at 2515 Otis St. (my house!). I can also hold orders until noon the next day (an option a couple of you have already used!). If you wish to use this option, please leave a comment on your order.

Viva la food revolution!
PS. If you have any items you’re looking for or farms you’d like to see featured, shoot me an email! Or fill out our anonymous customer feedback form:

Memorial Day Sale

Happy Memorial Day Everyone!
I hope everyone has something nice planned to remember those that have helped make this country great.

In honor of the holiday we are offering a 5% discount on the entire site this week. We also have memberships on sale for 15% off the usual price of $30 ($25). To take advantage of this offer, purchase your membership through the store. If you haven’t tried us out yet, this week is a great one to get started!

One of our urban farmers, Homegrown City Farm was featured recently on UNC-TV! Collier and Maryah are an awesome duo and their work really inspires me to work hard to try to help them and my other farmers make a living. Check out the video here on

In other news, Milk and Honey bakery and Chickcharney farm just joined the market! It’s really exciting to see so many women entrepreneurs joining the market. They haven’t listed any products yet, but I’m really excited to feature them as we get into summer.

Thanks to everyone that has been supporting our farmers and the market! Please tell your friends and reshare our Facebook posts, it can really help our farmers a lot.
PS. We’ve had some problems with our weekly reminder emails and I’m hoping y’all don’t get multiple copies of this email! Feel free to drop me a line if you see this email.

Shop goMarket tonight through Tuesday!

Hey everyone!
Tonight’s “newsletter” will be short. I’m packing for an open source e-commerce conference in DC that could help change the face of goMarket! I’m going to represent a new project called the Open Food Web Foundation, which is an open source software non-profit in Australia: link. We’re working hard to develop a platform that would support a complex food system (like ours in the Triangle) where urban and rural farmers have a large diversity of markets to serve. Ideally this system will help support ordering kiosks and help connect with low-income communities, supporting a new, more just food system.

In terms of market news, Berenbaum’s is our newest vendor, and we’re really excited to offer some of their Jewish and Vegan specialties. They’re a really awesome organization with “pay what you can” pricing that I think is an awesome model for supporting food justice in Durham. Check out their website here. This week they are offering a savory mini-meal/snack pie that’d be great with a side of kale from Homegrown City Farm or spinach from Wild Dog farm.

Also, we’re offering a discount on annual memberships for $25 until the 25th of May, (here) which happens to be the same day as the Doughman, which Berenbaums and I will both be tabling in some capacity.


Market instructions:

A couple users had some confusion ordering from the market, so here’s a set of mini instructions that I hope will help anyone that’s had troule:

Sign into the market here and shop the market here and don’t be afraid to contact me with questions or concerns.

After you place your order you’ll get a confirmation email. Items can be picked up between 4:30 and 6:30 at Locopops in Old West Durham.

Spring has sprung! New goMarket offerings.

Hey folks!
The weather has been marvellous for the past couple days and summer veggies are loving it. We’ll have to wait on tomatoes and cucumbers for a while still, but we have a lovely diversity of greens (kale, chard, lettuce and collards) on offer from Homegrown City Farm and spinach and radishes from Wild Dog Farm. We had our first Asparagus available from Big Al’s little garden in Lakewood, but it looks like it’s already sold out. (Sometimes you gotta jump the gun Sunday evening/Monday morning to get that something special!)

Ordering Instructions!

A few people have had some trouble ordering through the market. Here are the basic steps:
1) Sign in here

2) Place orders here
(or click “Market” along the top row of buttons)

3) Check out here
(or just click “Proceed to Checkout” in the top left, refresh if you don’t see that link)


Here’s my favorite way to prepare Collards for those that need a little inspiration for this local staple:

1-2 cloves garlic (minced)
2 tbsp (approx) Soy Sauce (or Bragg’s)
Small piece ginger (pinky nail sized piece, minced)
1 bunch Collard greens (washed & stems removed, and then cut into ribbons)
1 tbsp cooking oil (I use peanut oil)

Sautee the garlic and ginger in the oil (careful not to burn it!). Add your cut greens until wilted. Then I basically steam the greens in soy sauce tossing a couple times.

Kale can be prepared similarly, though with Kale I tend to leave out soy sauce and use a cider vinegar.

Serve with grilled chicken breast from Breezy Oaks farm and you’ve got a very nice dinner!

Other News

Your local urban farmer, Homegrown City Farm hosted a lovely meetup this past Wednesday for a variety of farmers, entrepreneurs and food system activists this week at the second “Trifoodhack.” My friend Tori Fredericks posted about it on his blog here: link. I also posted a little about why I pushed that we use the word “hacking” to describe what we’re doing in our food system here: link.

In solidarity!

Surprise new growers and offerings at this week's market!

goMarket is growing!
We added two new vendors this week! Homegrown City Farms is bringing all sorts of veggie goodness, while Breezy Oaks Farm offers all sorts of pasture-raised goodness!

A little more about our newest vendor, Homegrown City Farms:
Homegrown City Farms who have quite a number of veggies on offer this week. Their offerings include kale, chard, braising greens and collards! They have a great story that really represents the promise of urban agriculture in Durham. Homegrown City Farms is run by Maryah and Collier, who have been in and out of agriculture for more than ten years.

Check out their homepage:

Other new items in the market:
Radishes from Wild Dog Farm
Chicken, Bacon(!!!) and Breakfast Sausage from Breezy Oaks Farm

For those that are less keen on animal products, don’t forget SPREAD is selling through the market. They offer an assortment of vegan “cheeses” that are a nut-based cheesy spread. Check them out. Hopefully we can get them to set up a sample table at one of our upcoming markets!

Look forward to seeing y’all this Thursday!
With local food love,

First market!

Hey Everyone!
Welcome again to goMarket!

It’s been a long time coming but we’ve got enough producers together to have our first market! Like many other farmers’ markets around the area, vegetables are still trickling in and right now the only veggie on offer is spinach from Wild Dog Farm in Snow Camp. We’ve also got eggs, locally roast-to-order coffee, so please log in check out the market!

Please place all orders by 5pm on Tuesday afternoon so that the farmers have plenty of time to get your orders ready for market on Thursday evening. You’ll be able to pick up your order through the front entrance of Locopops (2604 Hillsborough Rd, Durham, NC 27705) between 4:30 and 6:30. I’ll be there to get your order. Please park across the street at Grey Stone Baptist so that we can avoid and unfortunate collisions in the already busy lot adjoining Bull City Records.

Look forward to seeing all of y’all and meeting some of you for the first time! Again, check The Market and support your local producers!
-Eric Bowen

First market next week!

Hey there everyone!
It looks like 4 of our vendors are ready to start selling next week and we’d love to start bringing you fresh local products! Our farmers and other vendors are going to be updating their inventory over the next couple days and we should have everything updated by Sunday evening. After that point, you, the customers have until Tuesday at 5pm to put in your orders for pickup at Locopops on Thursday.

Some of you may be aware that it has been a pretty weird, cool Spring, so we don’t have a ton of veggies coming in yet. If you have a garden and have lots of veggies you want to sell your neighbors, step on up to the plate! goMarket is a platform for the new “p2p” economy. Anyone can be a producer!