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Monday morning cheer.

G’morning folks,
The brisk weather this morning means fall is deepening and also means many veggies are sweetening.

Reserve local goods until Noon!

If you’re still thinking about reserving some awesome local products this week, you’ve got until noon. So check out the growing diversity our awesome vendors have available here:

As I mentioned in the previous mailing, my vendors and I have been talking about closing market unless we had some new customers and I’m thrilled to report that we had some people answer that call! Thanks new folks!

Record sales!

Three vendors have presold at least $50 of delicious locally grown product, which is great! We actually beat our June record $300 of sales in a week, which means y’all are collectively planting a lot of good in our local community.

Boost a vendor

A couple vendors need a little extra oomph at market this week, including SPREAD (nut-based cheeze), Yellow Wolf Farm (pork and rabbit!), Homegrown City Farms (delicious veggies) and Soyful Flames (soaps and candles). I also have a full box of delicious Cultured Cow cheese that I’m constantly in danger of eating… So please, take an extra look at those products if you’re reserving an order this morning.


I’d like to mention again that we’re on Yelp now! If you think about it, please consider reviewing us or posting a photo of something tasty from one of our foodpreneurs.

That seems like plenty for this morning! Love y’all. Thanks for supporting an awesome, vibrant and growing local food culture.

With locally-grown love,