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Market open; Now with Dog & Cart farm!

This post first appeared earlier today on Facebook, so please skip it if you’ve already read it. (Though I’d like to remind everyone to reserve a heritage turkey if you want one from Dr. Julie! They will run out!!)

Happy Friday folks!
Let’s extend a big warm welcome to Dog & Cart Farm (like their page!), which JUST opened for their first CSA this fall! Their crops are going like gangbusters and we are thrilled to have them selling extras here at goMarket!

They’ve got collards, daikon radishes, turnips & carrots. All are available to pre-order now until Monday at noon!

In other news, the growers and I have been talking about wrapping up market for fall THIS WEEK (aside from a Thanksgiving market for heritage TURKEYS!), but even one big order from a new customer could make us change our minds. If you’ve thought about trying us out, do it this week!

With locally grown love,