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Peep this. $3 pints, Quali(wo)man!, membership discounts and more!

Hey y’all,
For the impatient local foodie, here’s a link direct to the market, which is now open for orders:

We’ve got a new vendor!

Robyn of Soyful Flames makes all natural soaps and wax candles and each one has a cool story behind it.


Back in the food realm (vegans beware), we’ve got quail and Delaware heritage chickens. They seemed like very happy birds when I met them. Indeed, veterinarian Dr. Julie Gauthier who raises them, actually wrote a book for “Dummies” if you want to know how to keep chickens happy and healthy. (Check it out!)
Check out veggies, meats, cheeses, grains, soap, candles flowers and more at the market.

Join as a member!

As we’ve just moved and many of you try goMarket for the first time, I’m offering a sale on membership through the end of the season for $5 off, plus a $10 credit to your account as a bonus for being awesome. If you became a member a while ago, check your account to see if you’ve got an “early adopter” store credit. Membership fees are essential to grow the market, and help pay for advertising, a necessary evil. I have a new $100 ad campaign with the Indy weekly online edition, so look out for that members! Your influence on the local food system is growing. :-) Also, if you want a goMarket sticker, please ask for one next time you’re at market! They’re free to customers.

$3 Pints

I was happily surprised to learn that local pints from Big Boss and Triangle Brewing are $3 at our new pickup location. Yep. There are definitely advantages to moving the market over to The Bar Durham (711 Rigsbee). (Now 4:30-7pm on Tuesday). There’s also a few great food trucks on the block that night including Porchetta, KoKyu, and American meltdown.

In compost we trust,

PS. Check out a number of our vendors (notably, Sweet Beet & Homegrown City Farms) on the Triangle Farm Tour.
Here’s a link to the pdf of the schedule: