Cam00208 Lil Bruised Peach's Soap
Grower: Soyful Flames
Price: $5.00 ( 1 bar)
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This soap is named after Georgia Lucy's minute older sister. What could be more fitting than Georgia Peach? Well in her case Lil' Bruised peach because everytime I see her she has a new bruise. Poor little itty is just a walking toddler who finds something to bump into. Shes totally tuff for nothing can stop this sweet sweet sweet little pistol. Each bar of soap is 5.5 oz and an inch thick. They are about 2 1/4 inch high and 3 1/4 inch wide. They will last approx 30 days. Ingredients: Coconut, Olive, and Soybean Oils Saponified, Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide (saponifying agent), Hempseed Oil, Mango Butter, Tumeric (colorant), Black Walnut Hull (colorant), Peach Fragrance oil *saponification- the process of turning oils and water into soap