Narragansett_turkey_toms Thanksgiving heritage turkey reservation
Grower: Chickcharney Farm
Price: $20.00 ( Deposit for 1 turkey reservation)
%> Available (Exact): -2

Reserve a heritage turkey now to pick up on Tuesday, November 26. Birds will be fresh, not frozen. You can specify whether you'd like a smaller turkey (9-11 lbs), or a larger turkey (between 11 and 14 lbs) Your $20.00 deposit will be applied to the price of the turkey - $60.00 for a smaller bird, or $72.00 for a larger bird. Our heritage Narragansett turkeys are hatched and raised on the farm. The birds enjoy foraging in the woods for tender greens, nuts, seeds, and bugs. We supplement their hunting and gathering with a homemade diet based on local non-GMO grains and no soy. Our turkeys are never medicated, and we don't add anything to the meat during processing, which we do ourselves the old-fashioned way - right here at the farm.