Imag0910 Luce's Soap-Chocolate & Peppermint Silk
Grower: Soyful Flames
Price: $5.00 ( 1 bar)
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Luce's Soap is named after one girl of another set of twins I have the honor of watching and hanging out with for play dates. Her name is Lucy and I just started calling her Luce one day. This soap fits this child perfectly for she is the absolute perfect combination of sweet, smooth, and spicy. Lil' Luce can be full force or as gentle as a summers seriously depends on the day. She makes me laugh when she is trying to be smmoth and get away with something. She always has a huge grin on her face. I just adore her to pieces. I also seriously adore this soap. It smells delicious (like a sweet treat) and leaves my skin feeling clean and deeply moisturizing. Its a must have if you are a thin mint lover. With tussah silk added it makes it a silky smooth soap! Each bar is 5.5 oz 2 1/2 inch thick and 3 1/4 inch wide. *Tussah Silk is a protein made by the silkworm!!