Piedmontparmesan_lb-page-001-258x300 Three Cheese mega-pack
Grower: The Cultured Cow Creamery
Price: $18.99 ( 3 units approximately 1/2 lb each)
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All three Cultured Cow Cheeses, including Red Heifer Cheddar, Smoked Cheddar and Parmesan! A little about each: Our Red Heifer Cheddar Cheese has a creamy texture with a mild after taste. Aged for 4 months. The Smoked Cheddar is made from our raw milk cheddar smoked over maple wood or apple wood chips. Our Piedmont Parmesan is great on any dish. Grate it up and bask in the glory. Our cheese is made from Pasteurized Grade A Holstein Milk, Kosher, Vegetarian Rennet used, Humane Certified, No Hormones Added.